Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mother Earth .. good morning

Good morning mother earth

Good morning mother earth I rise to greet the dawn
And breathe in all the air that comes forth from your yawn.
I see in every creature a little bit of you
Yes even in myself i can see the things you do.

You feed the world around us and provide all we need
you give birth to every creature; you are in every seed.
we often tend to ignore you and hurt you in many ways
Yet you continue to bless us and rule our nights and days

if only we could see you as your deserve o mother earth
we would treat more kindly and not descredit your worth
but we've become a little careless and so often fail to see
that you o mother earth provide so we can be..

I am sorry mother earth for the times i forgetfully
toss things upon you that disfigures your beauty
I will try to be more careful i am so grateful to you
for the beauty that you give to us for everything you do.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Everyone Has A Song

Everyone has a song

some will drive miles and miles to worship god in prayer
i enter into my heart and find Him waiting there
some feel its in the buildings that one reaches Heaven above
i find my heart is an altar and i worship through my love

everyone has different ways of speaking to the Divine
Some will go to temples and others to a shrine
Everyone has their path to take; no way is right or wrong
Whatever inspires you to goodness let this become your song

So sing whatever is in you and let others have their song
Respecting one another will carry us all along
The universe has given each of us a song from the heavens above
and if we sings ours correctly we will blend together in love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lets Heal This World of Ours

Lets heal this world of ours

beating within this heart of mine
is a rhythm deep and true
it accompanies a melody from within
which i'd like to share with you
For its coming to me every night
and whispers to me every day
So if you don't mind me sharing
hear now what i'm going to say

everyone is worthy of rights;
everyone: worthy of love
no one should ever feel left out
or should they be made fun of
but seems we have our guidelines
that we allow society to make
and tend to adopt as very own
stereotypes from which we partake

So we create our little groupees
and we have our little cliques
"And if don't change to become like us
you can just stay there in the sticks"
"We are the priveleged people"
so many folks like to say.
Yet in their narrow mindedness
have hurt people along the way

i cannot understand this all
how so many "think" they're right
and claim to know whats good for all
by saying they bear the light
shutting the doors on so many
because they live a different way
i just cannot accept these ways
and look to a better day

When people accept each other
whether they are black or white
When it wont matter who you marry
to be found worthy in "gods sight"
When people will put aside their words
and see each other with love
when forms you fill out to vote wont ask
how you worship god above.

We are a people who need the light
that will enable us to see
That every person is worthy of love
no matter who they may be.
We all have our prejudices
which have caused so many scars
Today let us resolve to drop them all
and start healing this world of ours

joy pachowicz
june 1 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

I have this dream of peace

I have this dream of peace

I have this dream inside me
a dream I want to share
And write it out to pondered
by people everywhere
For I feel its not just my dream
but a dream for everyone
And hope I'm not presuming
by letting my ink pen run..

what is this dream you ask me
why write for everyone
is it something fearful
or something to be done?
Its nothing to be afraid of
rather something really dear
IF you continue reading
my dream will surface here

the dream that I have inside me
and I believe is in you too
is that we put aside all differences
and call for a peace that's true
For if we consider everything
what makes the headlines every day
Are crimes,wars and breakups
thngs that make the media say hurray

But these things are not our happiness
and we shoud strive for peace
If we'd embrace everyone with love
all our warring would soon cease
But we quabble over little things
things that shouldnt be
Oh if we could resolve as one world
to live in harmony..

Our world would be so much better
every person would be our friend
There'd be no more policing airports
and tapping phones would come to an end.
People wouldnt need to lock their doors
and prisons woudn't be full
Everyone would embrace as their own
that age old "golden rule"

Why is it so simple to dream like this
yet so hard for people do
Is making peace so much harder then
the warring we go through?
Is it much more difficult to say
I forgive lets stop the fight
then to send out thousands armed for war
in the middle of the night?

I have this dream inside of me
that one day we will come to see
All this fighting amongst ourselves
was never meant to be
We really fight too often and long
after we know why
Cant we just reasolve to day
to make peace our battle cry?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everyone Has Rights

 Everyone has rights

 i took the blame for more then one
and was singled out for what i had done
spoke up for right was put down as wrong
and so  pen the words in   poetic  song

if you are courageous and you are
speaking out will carry a   scar
not letting the crowd  bully   their way
will have a price for which you will pay

if  you speak out, I'm sure you may
others will surely have their say
call you names and put your aside
tell you your wrong and full of pride.

Yet if we are silent before the wrong
Freedoms would die out before too long
Only the bullies will rule the day
The meek, the hurting will have no say.

We are the ones who can heal  or  hurt
Help others rise or feel like dirt
We  can choose the path that  we will walk
Choose to be silent or choose to talk

If others are wronged before our sight
Will we be silent or be a light?
Will we be willing to take some shame
And defend the dignity of anothers name?

Just thought I'd write for it seems to be
There should be a voice for equality
That somehow people will rise and say
"Every person has rights, don't take them away"


Monday, February 28, 2011

God Kissed My Soul This Morning

God Kissed my soul this morning

and filled me with His love

He whispered "not to worry,

I see everything from above

I know your joys and sorrows

I have counted all your tears

Nothing escapes my knowlege

I was with you all those years.

Be open to my whisperings

and receptive to my ways

I will come through many people

and brighten your cloudy days

I care for you so deeply

and you are a child of Mine

Let Me into Your being

so that through you I may shine."

I wept to hear Him speaking

to such a soul as I

I bowed before this knowledge

and humbly began to cry

For so long I carried burdens

others placed inside my care

And now I felt them lifting

as I approached Him with my prayer

He wasn't so high and mighty

that he shouted: "kneel nd pray"

But rather let me speak to Him

in my simple way

Isn't our God so wonderful;

He deals with you and me

As individual beings

As He created us to be.?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The War

The soldier I’ll never meet

was on my mind today;

And the wars, once so distant,

were no longer far away.

For I began a meditation

and found my spirit there:

I heard the bomb shells screaming

and saw the smoke filled air.

There in the midst of fighting

and all the wounded ones;

I could hear the rattle of bullets

coming forth from their guns.

Men were fighting men

they never met before,

Oh what terrible things happen

whenever we go to war.

As I ventured further ,

I could hear a young one cry;

For the war had done him in;

and he was soon to die.

“What will my parents think,

O Lord help them see this through..

What I have done was truly noble

and now I have come to you”

Then there was another

who didn’t know our Lord most High

His words were quite different

when he was going to die:

“What of all this fighting,

what of this unending war?

Now, I am going to die,

There’s nothing left, no more“.

So many innocent children

will no longer see the morn.

For a missle’s blast had left them

lifeless and so torn.

Old and young alike,

their lives suddenly cut short

By the war advancing further;

leaving them nowhere to resort.

Though I’ll never see the warzone

My heart is moved to pray:

For I realize that the fighting

is really not so far away.

And that the unknown soldiers

who fight for you and me

Do so at a price, so that

we can continue to live and be free;

© Joy Pachowicz

The Heart of Our Father In Heaven

The heart of our Father in Heaven

is only an ocean of love

Waiting to fill us completely

with His Blessings from up above

He sends us the angels to guide us

and protect us along the way

And even if we have fallen

He will still give us a brand new day.

The heart of our Father in Heaven

is not limited like our ways

He can chasten us at any moment

; yet forgive all our wasted days

WHat a comfort to have such a Haven

to have a Father so loving and kind

In HIm we will always find welcome

and always find peace of mind..

(c) Joy Pachowicz 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Way

I walked a path so far unknown
chasing dreams I could not see
Ideas I held were not my own
Yet were so much a part of me

The way it led me here and there
though never where I was suppose to be
Paths uncertain everywhere
Destinations, yet to see.

I continue on in Your Pure Light
Though darkness pulls from every side
I will not listen to the night
From all temptations I will hide.

Until the day I breath no more
and angels come to take my soul
I will follow You whom I adore
My one and only truest Goal.

(c)Joy Pachowicz 2011