Monday, May 30, 2011

I have this dream of peace

I have this dream of peace

I have this dream inside me
a dream I want to share
And write it out to pondered
by people everywhere
For I feel its not just my dream
but a dream for everyone
And hope I'm not presuming
by letting my ink pen run..

what is this dream you ask me
why write for everyone
is it something fearful
or something to be done?
Its nothing to be afraid of
rather something really dear
IF you continue reading
my dream will surface here

the dream that I have inside me
and I believe is in you too
is that we put aside all differences
and call for a peace that's true
For if we consider everything
what makes the headlines every day
Are crimes,wars and breakups
thngs that make the media say hurray

But these things are not our happiness
and we shoud strive for peace
If we'd embrace everyone with love
all our warring would soon cease
But we quabble over little things
things that shouldnt be
Oh if we could resolve as one world
to live in harmony..

Our world would be so much better
every person would be our friend
There'd be no more policing airports
and tapping phones would come to an end.
People wouldnt need to lock their doors
and prisons woudn't be full
Everyone would embrace as their own
that age old "golden rule"

Why is it so simple to dream like this
yet so hard for people do
Is making peace so much harder then
the warring we go through?
Is it much more difficult to say
I forgive lets stop the fight
then to send out thousands armed for war
in the middle of the night?

I have this dream inside of me
that one day we will come to see
All this fighting amongst ourselves
was never meant to be
We really fight too often and long
after we know why
Cant we just reasolve to day
to make peace our battle cry?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everyone Has Rights

 Everyone has rights

 i took the blame for more then one
and was singled out for what i had done
spoke up for right was put down as wrong
and so  pen the words in   poetic  song

if you are courageous and you are
speaking out will carry a   scar
not letting the crowd  bully   their way
will have a price for which you will pay

if  you speak out, I'm sure you may
others will surely have their say
call you names and put your aside
tell you your wrong and full of pride.

Yet if we are silent before the wrong
Freedoms would die out before too long
Only the bullies will rule the day
The meek, the hurting will have no say.

We are the ones who can heal  or  hurt
Help others rise or feel like dirt
We  can choose the path that  we will walk
Choose to be silent or choose to talk

If others are wronged before our sight
Will we be silent or be a light?
Will we be willing to take some shame
And defend the dignity of anothers name?

Just thought I'd write for it seems to be
There should be a voice for equality
That somehow people will rise and say
"Every person has rights, don't take them away"