Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Dear Soldiers

Onto the battlefield you went

without knowing what would be

You said goodbye not knowing

what you were going to see

You left the warmth of family

you left all you ever knew

To protect us through your service

so this poem is for you.

Thank you for your service

and for leaving all behind

For all the hours of fighting

and the terrors you did find.

Thank you for the sacrifice,

for all the tears you shed

Thank you for going on

when your heart was filled with dread.

Thank you American Soldier

where ever you may be

Whether you are still fighting

or now back with your family

You are truly a hero for all

and I wanted to say this to you

You are appreciated and loved

and this poem is just fo you!

(c) 2010 Joy Pachowicz

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A song for today

I hear in my heart a melody
a song for this very day
It echoes within my being
and thus i am moved to say
WHy is it we're stuck on differences
and why can't we get along
Why is we find such much happiness:
pointing out another's wrong?
We can make this a better world
if we're willing to try
To work together with everyone
even if we don't see eye to eye.
It's not about what wrong "they've" done
but rather on what we can do right
Let's resolve to change our vision
and see everyone in God's light

(c) 11-03-2010 Joy Pachowicz