Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Your Will O Lord

Like Jonah I tried to run
from the call within my heart
Someone else can do this
let someone else do my part
I much rather take it easy
then have to speak Your Word
Yet my spirit burned within me
by the words that I had heard.

You spoke to me of callings
and of promises made to You
And showed me the fiery pit that awaited
those doing what they shouldn't do.
In Your Will, You said to me
Is where all shall find their peace.
May I ever be found there,Lord
in You Will, I beg You, please.

(c)Joy Pachowicz 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Users

In life you have those people

who have that certain knack

Of borrowing from everybody

but never giving back.

They know you in their need

then quickly disappear

We call them greedy users

such people you should fear.

For They'll rob you of your last penny

without breaking the law

Convince you they're the neediest

that you ever saw.

Once you've given into their pleading

and handed out to them your green

They disappear again

and even treat you mean.

The moral to this story

is to be prudent how you give

Prefering to buy for the needy

the things they need to live

Hand out to no one money;

this will keep you in the green

And more then likely the users

will never more be heard from or seen.

(c) 2010 Joy Pachowicz

Thursday, July 1, 2010


What are you looking for oh my soul
what are you trying to find
What is it that you are pursuing
what thoughts busy your mind

What is it thats important to you
what carries you through the day
What value do you put on your work
what limits the time you pray

What does it matter what others do
what causes you to compare?
What will help you focus on God alone
what will make your life a prayer?

(c) Joy Pachowicz 2010