Monday, February 28, 2011

God Kissed My Soul This Morning

God Kissed my soul this morning

and filled me with His love

He whispered "not to worry,

I see everything from above

I know your joys and sorrows

I have counted all your tears

Nothing escapes my knowlege

I was with you all those years.

Be open to my whisperings

and receptive to my ways

I will come through many people

and brighten your cloudy days

I care for you so deeply

and you are a child of Mine

Let Me into Your being

so that through you I may shine."

I wept to hear Him speaking

to such a soul as I

I bowed before this knowledge

and humbly began to cry

For so long I carried burdens

others placed inside my care

And now I felt them lifting

as I approached Him with my prayer

He wasn't so high and mighty

that he shouted: "kneel nd pray"

But rather let me speak to Him

in my simple way

Isn't our God so wonderful;

He deals with you and me

As individual beings

As He created us to be.?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The War

The soldier I’ll never meet

was on my mind today;

And the wars, once so distant,

were no longer far away.

For I began a meditation

and found my spirit there:

I heard the bomb shells screaming

and saw the smoke filled air.

There in the midst of fighting

and all the wounded ones;

I could hear the rattle of bullets

coming forth from their guns.

Men were fighting men

they never met before,

Oh what terrible things happen

whenever we go to war.

As I ventured further ,

I could hear a young one cry;

For the war had done him in;

and he was soon to die.

“What will my parents think,

O Lord help them see this through..

What I have done was truly noble

and now I have come to you”

Then there was another

who didn’t know our Lord most High

His words were quite different

when he was going to die:

“What of all this fighting,

what of this unending war?

Now, I am going to die,

There’s nothing left, no more“.

So many innocent children

will no longer see the morn.

For a missle’s blast had left them

lifeless and so torn.

Old and young alike,

their lives suddenly cut short

By the war advancing further;

leaving them nowhere to resort.

Though I’ll never see the warzone

My heart is moved to pray:

For I realize that the fighting

is really not so far away.

And that the unknown soldiers

who fight for you and me

Do so at a price, so that

we can continue to live and be free;

© Joy Pachowicz

The Heart of Our Father In Heaven

The heart of our Father in Heaven

is only an ocean of love

Waiting to fill us completely

with His Blessings from up above

He sends us the angels to guide us

and protect us along the way

And even if we have fallen

He will still give us a brand new day.

The heart of our Father in Heaven

is not limited like our ways

He can chasten us at any moment

; yet forgive all our wasted days

WHat a comfort to have such a Haven

to have a Father so loving and kind

In HIm we will always find welcome

and always find peace of mind..

(c) Joy Pachowicz 2011