Monday, June 28, 2010

Do you love Jesus?

Do you love Jesus
do you walk in all HIs ways
Is your life a melody
that offers Jesus praise?
Do you really love Him
do people see that glow
That says you are His follower
without any show

Jesus wants your answer
think about it for awhile
How will you show you love Him
what will be your style?
Do you really love Him,
Do you love Jesus every day?
IF you do it will be evident
by all you do and say.

(c) 2010 Joy Pachowicz

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Path of Love

The courtesy we owe each other
a mandate from God above
Is that we extend to every person
our Father's Gift of Love
For freely we have received it
in turn we should freely give
Loving one another
for as long as we should live.

Jesus, God's love among us
Gave His life for all.
He welcomed the dreaded sinner
and favored the weak and small.
If we say we follow Jesus
and accept all His ways
We will walk the path of love
for all our earthly days.

(c)Joy Pachowicz 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

You Holy Will:

O my dearest Jesus,
I am kneeling here today;
Asking that you would help me
to please you in every way.
From the moment that I awaken
until night when I sleep:
May Your Will be my only ambtion,
the only Goal I keep.

Though activities may plague me
from morning unto night
Though at times life may be burdensome
and other times light:
My desire will be to please you
and all your plans fulfill
From Morning until evening
may I be found always in Your Will.

(c) 2010 Joy Pachowicz

The Seasons of the Soul

As the seasons surrender to the change of time
And the colors of nature inspire poetic rhyme
My thoughts return back to You my Beloved once again
Who captures my heart and saves me from sin.

While worldly pleasures around me allure
And tempt me to things unsafe and impure;
I cling ever tightly to Your Spririt within
Who will strengthen me against any temptation to sin.

The ways of this world can oft lead astray
The soul desiring to please You each and every day.
It takes but a moment to lose sight of one's goal;
Which is eternal happiness for the God fearing soul.

Therefore carefully I'll dress myself
with the armor of prayer
And stand up against Satan and tell others: "beware".
For Satan is crafty and can work deep within;
Making appear as virture. what really is sin

(c)2010 Joy Pachowicz


Friends are forever
They are always there
Surrounding you with love
and showing you care.
Friends are the ones
who will always be
People you can trust
though you may disagree.
Friend are the folks
who with you will stay
While the rest of the world
may laugh and walk away
If you're lucky to have someone
that you can call "friend"
Remember to be a friend also
so that your friendship won't end.

(c)2010 Joy Pachowicz

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forgive One Another

The most noble thing we can do
and the hardest thing to give
Is turning to the one who hurt us
and from the heart forgive
It's easier to grow angry
and go for endless day
Without speaking to the one
who wronged us in some way.

But Jesus taught us differently;
He spoke to us of love
And how we must forgive
if we're to join Him up Above
We're children of a Father,
who sent His only Son
So that our sins can be forgiven:
a lesson for everyone.

Next time that we're hurting
and feel our tempers rise
Let us recall the Cross of Jesus:
and why the Sacrifice..
If He who is the Creator
could so freely give
Can we not as His Children
be ever ready to forgive?

(c) Joy Pachowicz - 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Next Time You Are Out Riding

In wheelchairs or hospital beds,
in their homes or a facility
Senior Citizens are looking
for a visit from you or me.
They're not asking for some money
or a gift with a pretty bow
But rather they seek a visit,
a chat with someone they know.

You may not have much time
to stop and say hello
But any time you can give
would be a blessing you should know.
The aged people are ever quick
to say thank you for everything;
Whether it's a simple card
or a smile that you bring.

Next time you are out riding
and have a minute or two
Stop by a local rest home
and give the gift of "you"
The joy that you'll experience,
the love that you will share
Will be the best gift
you'll be taking there.

(c) 2010 Joy Pachowicz

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Creation Sings

The sun kissed my face this morning

and the butterflys danced around

Birds were chirping everywhere

the wind was whispering its sound.

Creation was playing a symphony

Joining them I began to sing:

Everything I have and do today

is for You my Eternal King

(c)Joy Pachowicz 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Important

What's important in life

is not found in a public award,

Or is it found in being promoted

by a corporate board.

What's important in life

is what's pleasing to God above,

What He considers worthwhile

and is measured by our love.

What's important in life

is not for public view,

Or will it be recalled

whenever people talk of you.

Life's most important things,

those carrying the most weight,

Are those which God approves

and open Heaven's Gate.

(c) Joy Pachowicz 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God is Everywhere

My heart is in constant melody
in constant song of love
I cannot silence this anthem
that sends praises to God above.
From morning unto evening
whether working or at prayer
I hear the angels singing:
Our God is everywhere.

Yes, God is everywhere
He's in you and He's in me.
God's in the mighty ocean
and in the peaceful sea.
He's in the wind that's blowing
and He anchors the majestic tree
Yes God is everywhere waiting
to be discovered by you and me.

Joy Pachowicz (c) 2010