Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mother Earth .. good morning

Good morning mother earth

Good morning mother earth I rise to greet the dawn
And breathe in all the air that comes forth from your yawn.
I see in every creature a little bit of you
Yes even in myself i can see the things you do.

You feed the world around us and provide all we need
you give birth to every creature; you are in every seed.
we often tend to ignore you and hurt you in many ways
Yet you continue to bless us and rule our nights and days

if only we could see you as your deserve o mother earth
we would treat more kindly and not descredit your worth
but we've become a little careless and so often fail to see
that you o mother earth provide so we can be..

I am sorry mother earth for the times i forgetfully
toss things upon you that disfigures your beauty
I will try to be more careful i am so grateful to you
for the beauty that you give to us for everything you do.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Everyone Has A Song

Everyone has a song

some will drive miles and miles to worship god in prayer
i enter into my heart and find Him waiting there
some feel its in the buildings that one reaches Heaven above
i find my heart is an altar and i worship through my love

everyone has different ways of speaking to the Divine
Some will go to temples and others to a shrine
Everyone has their path to take; no way is right or wrong
Whatever inspires you to goodness let this become your song

So sing whatever is in you and let others have their song
Respecting one another will carry us all along
The universe has given each of us a song from the heavens above
and if we sings ours correctly we will blend together in love

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lets Heal This World of Ours

Lets heal this world of ours

beating within this heart of mine
is a rhythm deep and true
it accompanies a melody from within
which i'd like to share with you
For its coming to me every night
and whispers to me every day
So if you don't mind me sharing
hear now what i'm going to say

everyone is worthy of rights;
everyone: worthy of love
no one should ever feel left out
or should they be made fun of
but seems we have our guidelines
that we allow society to make
and tend to adopt as very own
stereotypes from which we partake

So we create our little groupees
and we have our little cliques
"And if don't change to become like us
you can just stay there in the sticks"
"We are the priveleged people"
so many folks like to say.
Yet in their narrow mindedness
have hurt people along the way

i cannot understand this all
how so many "think" they're right
and claim to know whats good for all
by saying they bear the light
shutting the doors on so many
because they live a different way
i just cannot accept these ways
and look to a better day

When people accept each other
whether they are black or white
When it wont matter who you marry
to be found worthy in "gods sight"
When people will put aside their words
and see each other with love
when forms you fill out to vote wont ask
how you worship god above.

We are a people who need the light
that will enable us to see
That every person is worthy of love
no matter who they may be.
We all have our prejudices
which have caused so many scars
Today let us resolve to drop them all
and start healing this world of ours

joy pachowicz
june 1 2011